How To Setup A Zoom Meeting

Zoom Meeting is a great way to host your meetings and conference cals. In this post we will be showing you a step by step guide on how to host and setup a zoom meeting. In order to begin you will already need to have Zoom meeting downloaded and installed.


There are two ways to host and setup a Zoom Meeting and that depends on when you would like to schedule your meeting. Your two options are to “Host a Meeting” which immediately sets up and starts a meeting or to “Schedule a Meeting” which schedules a meeting for the future.

Setup and Host A Zoom Meeting Now

With the Zoom Meeting application open click the “Start without Video” or “Start with Video” button. These options allow you to setup a meeting with or without video.

setup a zoom meeting

Next you will need to invite people to the meeting. In the bottom left of your Zoom Meeting app you will see an option to invite users.

zoom meeting invite

The next screen will allow you to invite users to your Zoom meeting in a few different ways. All Zoom Meetings use a special URL or link to share and invite people to your meeting. In order to make setting up a meeting easy Zoom allows you to invite users directly from the app using email or instant message. You can also simply copy the meeting URL and share it however you like.

setup zoom meeting invite link

Setup and Host A Zoom Meeting Later

Scheduling a Zoom meeting will set it up at a later time. To schedule a Zoom Meeting simply click the schedule button.

setup and schedule a zoom meeting later

You will now be prompted to enter some information about your meeting before it can be setup and scheduled.

You will need to configure the following options in order to setup a Zoom Meeting:

  • Zoom meeting Topic
  • Start date and time
  • Estimated meeting duration
  • Telephone or video only (or both)
  • Calendar scheduling options
  • If the meeting allows users to sign in to the meeting before the person who setup the meeting.
  • If the meeting requires a password to join
Zoom Meeting Setup Options

Once the meeting options have been selected and the blue “Schedule” button has been clicked your meeting has been setup. Zoom Meeting will then show you a screen with all your meeting information that you can send to the other meeting participants.

your meeting has been setup and scheduled


We’ve covered everything on how to setup a Zoom Meeting. As you can see it’s very simple and easy to host your own meetings.